Private Kindergarten


Our History

In 1988, entrepreneur Anthony A. Martino established The Goddard School preschool franchise to deliver a high-quality, play-based learning program to families all over the United States. Since then, The Goddard School has grown into an institution that parents and families trust, reaching more than 65,000 students in more than 460 Schools in 36 states.

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When to Register

Children can start kindergarten in September of the year they turn five years old.Kindergarten registration usually begins in January or February for the following September. Parents/caregivers should contact their local school district or independent school authority for registration information.

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To register your child, the parent or legal guardian should bring the following items:

  • Your child's original birth certificate, any applicable immigration documents, and/or proof of Canadian citizenship for both you and your child
  • Your child’s immunization record
  • Proof of your residence address (a document such as your current year property tax receipt, current month rental receipt, or a purchase/rental agreement)

Full Day Kindergarten

A full day, play-based kindergarten program has long-term benefits for a child’s academic and social skills – it can help them succeed in school and in life. Access to full day kindergarten is available for all eligible five-year-olds.

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Note: Parents are required to have their children registered for school or homeschooling by the calendar year in which they turn six. If parents choose to delay school enrolment for their five-year-old, they should discuss with the school principal the best placement for their child.

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Starting School

Help this transition to go smoothly for your child – before the first day, try to visit the school and tour your child's new classroom. Parents should also meet with school staff to identify their child's strengths, needs, interests and difficulties.

Learning supports: Entering school can be particularly challenging when a child has special needs. If your child requires support, further meetings with the school team will help ensure that:
  • Necessary supports and materials are in place
  • Your child's educators are prepared to deliver a tailored educational program
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Student Safety and Wellness Information for Parents and Students

B.C. schools work to develop positive and welcoming cultures and are committed to providing good environments for learning. Schools work to prevent problems through community building, fostering respect, inclusion, fairness and equity. Each school:

  • Sets, communicates and reinforces clear expectations of acceptable conduct and provide a climate of mutual respect and responsibility
  • Teaches, models and encourages
  • Socially responsible behaviour
  • Works to solve problems peacefully and enable students to help each other
  • Places high value on diversity and defending human rights
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